“I love to believe in Illusion…”


I am a French artist who strongly believes in dreams and illusion. Nostalgie is my fuel and design is my engine.

I have been travelling since more than 12 years all around the world seeking for the most mystical places to give a life and a story to those fabulous classic miniature cars. I am a real fan of the good old movies from the 60´s and 70´s and of the car design of these times. I work like a film director, taking my time to find the perfect locations and perspectives in order to create those strange and fascinating atmosphere.

The shots are always taken in real situations in front of significant and imposing architectural motives. I chose 1/43 scaled cars as I think that this size is the most challenging and the most interesting one when talking about the creation process. I really like the idea to transport the watcher in my world, letting him floating in this dark and mysterious atmosphere of those almost forgotten times.

This huge project started with my first exhibition called “La French Connection” in 2006 and gave later on birth to several exhibitions in Europe like “In Car Nation”, “Car is Matic” and the present one in 2018 called “L´Époque Noire”. My passion for this project push me always further to discover new exciting places and cities to shoot. I really think that it is a life project, a bit like a never-ending quest… next cities ? Chicago, Prague, Miami,... who knows !?

After more than 30 exhibitions in Europe I have worked for brands like Peugeot, Toyota and Porsche and my next project is to publish a book.

Eric Otto